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All of our products for veterinarians and breeders are not online. We have about 20 finished products for all animal species regarding our topics in animal health. Please contact us and we will be pleased to send you our catalogue of products ALI'SERV.


KER-UDDRY (250 ml)

Instantaneous drying up of udders:

UD'Dry inhibits the secretion of prolactin and consequently optimises the drying off.

It is the milk presence in the udder which makes develop bacterias and consequently creates mastitis. When the milk production is quickly stopped, the risk of bacterial infections is lower.

The objectives of Ker-Uddry are to :


  • inhibit the prolactin
  • protect udders
  • prevent mastitis
  • contribute to a better return in lactation


Animal species: dairy cow, sow, goat & ewe.

Direction of use: to be used only once, the first day of the drying off, after the last milking.

  • Dairy cow: 250 ml/head
  • Sow: 75 ml/head
  • Goat & ewe: 50 ml/head

After using UD'Dry, it is important to avoid any stimuli leading to milk production (calves around, touching udders, sound of milking machine, watching of other cows going to the milking parlour, ...)

KER-Cryptol Syringe

KER-Cryptol Syringe (60 ml)


A natural alternative: 

With the aim at proposing an alternative to traditional anticoccidiosis treatments (drug-resistant when they are intensively used), ALI'SERV answers to your needs for a natural feed complement both contributing to:


  • a better control of intestinal parasites,
  • and an improvement of zootechnical performances.


Results of trials are available upon request.

Animal species: calves

Direction of use: 15 ml in the morning and in the evening, for 2 days.


Ointment (500 g)

Decongest udders and heal wounds:

Ointment made with plants extracts, which are famous for their antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory and decongestant action :


  • Cleanses,
  • disinfects,
  • protects,
  • and heals wounds, cracks, burns, udder congestions, œdemas…

Animal species: cattle, horses.

Direction of use: to be applied on the udders and/or the wounds.

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